Let no sadness come to this heart, let no trouble come to these arms, let no conflict come to these eyes, let my soul be filled with the blessings of joy


Peace and Blessings

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Elberta Harris 1897

Our story of Domestic Violence.

I am the oldest grandchild, of the youngest child of a Sharecropper.  I never met my Great Grandfather George Bishop he died the month before I was born.  I have only seen on photo of him.  I believe it was his obituary the only thing I remember is that he was a very fair skinned man.  The story that was told to me by my grandmother was that he was a hard working man and every time he would go to get his pay from the farmer he would have to bend over and get kicked in his behind before he could get his pay.  So the story goes that one day when he had had enough he fought the farmer and then fled North.  He left my Great Grandmother Elberta Harris alone to raise 13 children.  I remember my Great Grandmother Elberta she died when I was 11. She was a midwife,  She had 13 children.  It was an interesting blend of boys and girls.  I am fortunate I was able to meet a lot of my Great Uncles and Aunts even the ones that had moved up North to Long Island,  Queens, and Washington DC and Detroit.  We had family reunions when I was younger.  That all stopped about the time My Great Grandmother passed.

Around here we Riding Slow....Ciara

Well if you see so much happened at the age of 11 including the start of my second experience with Domestic Violence when my mother married my Step Father.  I still express in words how I felt and what I did to protect my sister.  Everything that I have ever done growing up was to protect my mom and my sister.  So you can only imagine how it felt when my daughter advised me that she had to do something to protect me...

Saturday, May 6, 2017

When Emotion turns to Action

We all have our dreams and aspirations.  No one can steer you of your course.  The Five Stages of Grief can manifest for a lifetime seeping into every new situation.
Many of us have been torn and shattered and we find our own way to cope.  However actions speak louder than words no matter how much we scream that will never change things.
Peace be still and find your way.
Because only if we continue to work together will we find our way.
Love of everyone is key but when the truth spoken becomes verified as a lie.  When you have seen demonstrated by both the sides the conscious and unconscious the same behaviors one can only deduct one truth.  How can we ever build if we do not heal.  Obtaining Knowledge does not solve what ails us.  It only opens our eyes to the truth.  But indoctrination runs deep and the pain and suffering has touched us all.  How can we trust each other in times of need.  How can we depend on the fleeting whims of making all decisions based on Emotion and not Facts.
And then we brow beat each other back into subjection to a cause.  But is the purpose of this just to create another servant for your truth.
Free your mind and the rest will follow.  However a free mind will always continue to question.
And once the answers are revealed will set on a path to continue to heal.
I release the pain through actions taken to a accomplish my Dreams and Destiny.
Peace and Power.